About us

The “Star” Center for social integration of children and youth is an association of citizens whose goal is to promote fostering, help   to adult children without parental care in orphanages as well as those who are getting ready for an independent life after leaving the social care system. 

The Star Center was founded on  March 12, 2013 in Belgrade. After several years of providing holistic support and help to children and youth without parental care and to those from very poor or dysfunctional families, we decided to form an association with clear goals, transparent actions and good results. The Center’s goal is to engage as many interested individuals, associations and institutions as possible in its activities. 

The Star Center aims to provide concrete help for children and young people in Serbia who are unable to get support and help from other sources. Everyone interested in donating, volunteering, counseling and pointing to children and youth in need can take part in our activities. Our mission is to help young people receive education and become independent, with the financial and moral support necessary for them not to feel abandoned but to know that someone cares for them.  We do this by providing scholarships, private lessons, new and second hand clothes, computers, paying for school trips and prom nights; and by providing basic living conditions such as building wells and renovating premises.  We try our best not to forget their birthday and Christmas presents, since for some of them, these are the only presents they ever get. Our actions are small, concrete and clearly defined.  Join us! Step by step, we will make this world a better place to live!


The story starts at the seashore, in a romantic rocky cove with a sandy beach. At night, hundreds of starfish were thrown out onto the sandy beach by the large waves, a big expanse of nature’s beauty exposed to everyone’s view. But the scorching sun started shining and the starfish began to die.Two men are on the beach, each coming from a different direction. The first one, walking towards the middle of the beach, looks at that dying starfish and sadly thinks: “What beauty, treasure and value, but they will die and vanish. Why is it possible that such beauty and splendor from the ocean depths decays in a minute? And there are so many of them. It seems wrong that these beautiful starfish have to die and disappear. Saddened, he keeps strolling and thinking; and thinking about it is all he does. The other man, coming from the opposite direction, walks slowly with a concerned expression on his face. Every now and then he bends down and throws something into the sea. When they meet, the first man sees the other one throwing starfish into the sea. 

Approaching him, the first man asked: “What are you doing?” 
The other one answered: “I am returning starfish to the sea!” 
Surprised, the first one said, “Why? Look how many of them there are! They can’t all stand a chance of survival!” 
The other one bends, takes one into his hand, throws it into the sea and says: “But this one does!” 

The point of this story is that in our endeavors to help others, we will not be able to assist everyone, but if an opportunity arises to help even one “starfish”, we must act.
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Divna is a young woman who was in the social care system during her high school years.


Alexander is a young man who spent most of his life in the orphanage in Belgrade.


Goran is a young man lacking proper parental care. We have known him ever since he was a boy.


We met Igor when he was a little boy, in the first grade of elementary school.


Stefan’s life story is dramatic, much like most of the young people with whom we come into contact.


7th birthday of Centar Zvezda

31. March 2020.

Just before this, for all of us new, situation with virus and isolation, Centar Zvezda celebrated its 7th birthday.

New residents of House of Opportunity in Nis and Belgrade

1. March 2020.

Our HOP family is richer for two more members. Stefan joined in HOP Belgrade at the first day of March and one Stefan joined in February in HOP Nis. Welcome dear residents!

Visit to Belgrade Theater

22. February 2020.

In addition to daily duties, exams, jobs of our resident, preparations for the sales exhibition, we regularly go to the cinema and theater, thanks to the good people who donate our tickets.