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Divna is a young woman who was in the social care system during her high school years.


Alexander is a young man who spent most of his life in the orphanage in Belgrade.


Goran is a young man lacking proper parental care. We have known him ever since he was a boy.


We met Igor when he was a little boy, in the first grade of elementary school.


Stefan’s life story is dramatic, much like most of the young people with whom we come into contact.


Action Meal for the Family

22. January 2020.

Our young people from the House of Opportunity in Belgrade actively participated in the Meal for the whole Family campaign, packed and sent groceries to 3 families who told us they needed food.

Action of volleyball club Partizan

21. January 2020.

Part of the team of the volleyball club Partizan visited us first with the idea of cooperation and support, and then with gifts for young people and a plan for further support.

Dinner organized by the Rotary Club

12. January 2020.

Three ladies from the Rotary club took us out for dinner and socializing. It was great, thanks from all of us. Happiness is made up of small things, and most often these are precious moments spent together and in a pleasant atmosphere.