Presentation of the results of the Erasmus+ project It starts with you

19. November 2019.

At the final exhibition, the participants of the Erazmus+ project It starts with you, introduced the visitors to the given project, talked to all interested individuals who wanted to hear more about the project, spoke about their experiences and pointed out the importance that the project had for them. In September this year, in the realization of the Forum for Quality Foster Care for Children (Croatia), together with the Center for Social Integration of Children and Youth Center Star (Serbia), and with the support of the Erazmus + Foundation, a project of youth mobility from Croatia and Serbia was implemented in for 10 days in Selce, Croatia. During their stay in Croatia, young people were provided with educational and interactive workshops on a daily basis.

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Divna is a young woman who was in the social care system during her high school years.


Alexander is a young man who spent most of his life in the orphanage in Belgrade.


Goran is a young man lacking proper parental care. We have known him ever since he was a boy.


We met Igor when he was a little boy, in the first grade of elementary school.


Stefan’s life story is dramatic, much like most of the young people with whom we come into contact.


7th birthday of Centar Zvezda

31. March 2020.

Just before this, for all of us new, situation with virus and isolation, Centar Zvezda celebrated its 7th birthday.

New residents of House of Opportunity in Nis and Belgrade

1. March 2020.

Our HOP family is richer for two more members. Stefan joined in HOP Belgrade at the first day of March and one Stefan joined in February in HOP Nis. Welcome dear residents!

Visit to Belgrade Theater

22. February 2020.

In addition to daily duties, exams, jobs of our resident, preparations for the sales exhibition, we regularly go to the cinema and theater, thanks to the good people who donate our tickets.